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About West Liberty, OH - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

West Liberty is a small village in western Ohio. It is positioned along U.S. Route 68 and located a distance of 48 miles from Dayton and 50 miles from Columbus. West Liberty is estimated to be populated by almost 2,000 people according to the United States Census Bureau. It is one of the largest villages in Champaign County.

The area West Liberty is located in was once inhabited by Native American Indians. In the early 1800s, settlers of European descent arrived in the area and established communities. West Liberty was founded in 1817. The village originates from a gristmill. Following the opening of a store, other community facilities were constructed. In 1834, West Liberty became an incorporated municipality.

Individuals who visit West Liberty will discover a charming, small village. The most popular attraction in West Liberty is its downtown area. This area of the village is host to community events and features locally owned businesses, shops, restaurants, and more. Surrounding downtown West Liberty is historic neighborhoods with well-kept homes. In West Liberty, individuals enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Professional HVAC technicians recommend residents of West Liberty, Ohio to have cooling and heating systems installed in their homes. The village is in a region of the U.S. that experiences warm summers and very cool winters. During June, July, and August, the average daytime temperature highs average in the low-80s. When heat waves pass through West Liberty, temperatures will rise to the low-90s. Cooling systems like central air conditioning units are best suited to be installed in West Liberty homes. The systems are sufficient to cool homes in the village when temperatures rise.

In addition to cooling units, West Liberty residents should have access to heating systems inside their homes. During the winter seasons, freezing temperatures and snowfall are common in the village. Professional HVAC technicians recommend furnaces for installation in West Liberty homes. When properly installed and regularly inspected by professional HVAC technicians, the systems provide sufficient heating to keep West Liberty residents safe and warm during the winter seasons.